Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Letters

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. The snow outside was absolutely beautiful and it brought a peaceful spirit to the holidays. I have a couple of Christmas posts that will be coming after the holiday, but I'm sure you can still enjoy.

In class about two weeks before school got out we wrote letters to Santa. In these letters the kids could write whatever they wanted. They could ask for things for Christmas. We brainstormed a lot of questions that we could ask Santa. I love hearing the questions that they come up with. Some of the questions that I can remember that they came up with were: What is your favorite type of cookie? What happens if one of the reindeer get sick? Does your sleigh run by magic or engine? Why is your name Santa Claus?

Well in first grade there are a variety of writing levels. You will have some kids who are amazing at writing, have beautiful handwriting and can write complete sentences already. Then there are the select few that won't write a sentence to save their lives. I have one of these little guys in my classroom who everyday for writers workshop just sits there wasting the time away while I try and persuade him to write and we will usually get one sentence the whole hour. Well the day we wrote these letters I happened to be wearing my African skit with giraffe's on it. He kept asking me about it all day. Now keep in mind that this particular little boy is the 'one' that i have this year that gets in trouble every recess for bulling and stealing things from other kids backpacks. He is hard, but it's usually kids like him that turn out being my favorite and I remember most each year. Well this is what his letter said. It made me cry:

*Dear Santa,
Can you give the poor people toys?
Thank you,

This was one of those moments that made me stand back and be thankful for my job and these wonderful children that I have the opportunity to be around daily. He didn't ask for anything. And a sentence like this coming from this little boy is HUGE. I didn't have to help him once.

Merry Christmas.

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