Sunday, December 28, 2008

Caramel Apples

Mason and I have started this yearly tradition (this being year 2) of making these DELICIOUS caramel apples. They are so good that we usually end up eating about 5 of them. It's a great way to kick start that holiday chub!! We make these to hand out to all the neighbors and people at work.

It's so simple too! Here's all you do. My secret recipe:
-Granny Smith Apples
- Caramel (I like the 'Peter's' brand)
- White chocolate
- Crushed graham crackers!!
Yes - it's that easy and YES it's that delicious! Everyone I give them to love them!

Step 1: This is the hardest and messiest part. But this year I had Mason to help me spin the caramel off.

But then again... this is what I also got:

Step 2 & 3: Dip in white chocolate and roll in graham crackers! Yuummmmm!

Then I wrapped them and made them all pretty. And ate a some myself...

Messy and fun!


Emily said...

Yummy...that is all I can say!

Chad Martell & Teresa said...

those look so so delicious i may get the guts to try it out one day...
also im sorry we missed you and we'll for sure catch up the next time we see you. i hope you guys had a wonderful christmas and enjoy your new year....
we wont be doing anything but thats okay we are old farts...haha miss ya!!!

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