Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving morning... Mason's out playing football in his yearly turkey bowl with his friends and I'm sitting here in front of the fire watching the Rockette's in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We have watched this parade every year since I was a little girl. We always wait for Santa Claus at the end - that's how we knew Christmas was here! I just talked to my mom who is fighting my brothers at home for the TV to watch it... It's a good day. My first holiday away from home. I am excited to be spending it with the Lefler's. This will be my first Thanksgiving not eating my mom's cooking. I'm excited to see what their family traditions are. I'm so thankful for both of my families - my new one and my old. I'm thankful for this season and I'm so thankful for my wonderful life where I am so blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Hendricks Family said...

Okay so the Thanksgiving parade is also my favorite. I bake pies while watching it. I have been doing that since I was just little. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

Emily said...

I had Thanksgiving at my house this year, so I forgot to watch the parade. We always have and I can't believe I forgot this year!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Clint, Jana, and Dallas said...

Hey Allison, can you email your address to so I can send you a Christmas card? Thanks, girl!!

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