Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Emotional Roller Coaster

I had a number of emotions run through me this morning... normally my emotions aren't that crazy , but this time I felt like the rapidness at which they changed is understandable:

6:45 am - Grumpy because my alarm is going off
7:00 am - Happy because Mason actually got up with me today
7:05 am - REALLY happy because I look outside and it's snowing!
7:25 am - Anxious because I should have left the house 10 minutes ago
7:26 am - Awe struck because of how beautiful it is with the foot of snow that has fallen on the ground.
7:27 am - Irritated because I am having to scrape my windows and my hair is getting wet (I know you are thinking - oh wah... but just hear me out)
7:29 am - Regretful because I didn't scrape off all my windows and I'm having a hard time seeing but I'm already late and suppose to be at the school at 7:30 which is 10 minutes away.
7:31 am - Nervous at driving in the snow and sliding on the ice
7:35 am - Annoyed at the man on the radio for telling me it's 7:35
7:35 am - Excited at the man on the radio because he is talking about Obama's win
7:37 am - Fearing for my life as a bus slides through a four-way stop and almost T-bones me. I had to swerve around him.
7:37.30 am - Adrenaline rush residing.
7:39 am - Glad to be at school alive
7:40 am - In denial because as I walk in the door and one of the students says: "Teacher guess what?! We get to have inside recess with you today." Only teachers will understand what that actually means.
7:41 am - Hungry... I forgot breakfast - dang it.

Needless to say I promise that my day got better. I just thought it was funny how all those emotions came to me so quickly. I promise I am emotionally stable (Mason may beg to differ) and not in a bad mood all the time. Some mornings are better than others I suppose.


Stephanie Saunders said...

I hate those days. At least it's pretty and snowing!

Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

Haha...when you talked about the kids having to stay inside for recess, it made me think of Billy Madison when the kindergarten teacher is dancing and is like, Dodgeball is a special time Billy, even for me... now go outside. HA!

xantogal said...

Being on the opposite side of inside days....
At least your day got better :) Mine plummeted and didn't really get better.

The Hendricks Family said...

I know how you feel. I used to drive to Park City everyday for 4 years for my job. Winter months that sucked! Glad you are ok!

BrettnJana said...

Yah...the 7:40 one got to me...not my best days I must say...poor kids, they were always too excited.

Kayz said...

Oh HEAVENS!! Dang girl! Scary stuff (both with the bus and the kids inside). In St. George, the kids have an inside day if it RAINS! No snow, just rain. Yeah, teachers totally understand that!

I love the play-by-play of your morning. Ha ha! You crack me up. Bring on the emotions! =)