Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving morning... Mason's out playing football in his yearly turkey bowl with his friends and I'm sitting here in front of the fire watching the Rockette's in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We have watched this parade every year since I was a little girl. We always wait for Santa Claus at the end - that's how we knew Christmas was here! I just talked to my mom who is fighting my brothers at home for the TV to watch it... It's a good day. My first holiday away from home. I am excited to be spending it with the Lefler's. This will be my first Thanksgiving not eating my mom's cooking. I'm excited to see what their family traditions are. I'm so thankful for both of my families - my new one and my old. I'm thankful for this season and I'm so thankful for my wonderful life where I am so blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Pilgrims and the Indians

Yesterday we had our little Thanksgiving feast. The whole week before we learn about what the Pilgrims did for work and how it was when they first arrived. Then we play some games and write with feather pens (and paint - not ink). And on the day before school gets out we re-inact the first Thanksgiving. I let the kids choose whether they want to be Pilgrims or Indians. Then then make their costumes and they each bring in something for the feast. This year I pushed all the desks together and made one huge table. They thought that was pretty cool.

I love my job.

I'll tell ya, these kids don't get much cuter.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


It has been a long time since I have spent only $26.34 on gas.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Emotional Roller Coaster

I had a number of emotions run through me this morning... normally my emotions aren't that crazy , but this time I felt like the rapidness at which they changed is understandable:

6:45 am - Grumpy because my alarm is going off
7:00 am - Happy because Mason actually got up with me today
7:05 am - REALLY happy because I look outside and it's snowing!
7:25 am - Anxious because I should have left the house 10 minutes ago
7:26 am - Awe struck because of how beautiful it is with the foot of snow that has fallen on the ground.
7:27 am - Irritated because I am having to scrape my windows and my hair is getting wet (I know you are thinking - oh wah... but just hear me out)
7:29 am - Regretful because I didn't scrape off all my windows and I'm having a hard time seeing but I'm already late and suppose to be at the school at 7:30 which is 10 minutes away.
7:31 am - Nervous at driving in the snow and sliding on the ice
7:35 am - Annoyed at the man on the radio for telling me it's 7:35
7:35 am - Excited at the man on the radio because he is talking about Obama's win
7:37 am - Fearing for my life as a bus slides through a four-way stop and almost T-bones me. I had to swerve around him.
7:37.30 am - Adrenaline rush residing.
7:39 am - Glad to be at school alive
7:40 am - In denial because as I walk in the door and one of the students says: "Teacher guess what?! We get to have inside recess with you today." Only teachers will understand what that actually means.
7:41 am - Hungry... I forgot breakfast - dang it.

Needless to say I promise that my day got better. I just thought it was funny how all those emotions came to me so quickly. I promise I am emotionally stable (Mason may beg to differ) and not in a bad mood all the time. Some mornings are better than others I suppose.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day In First Grade

Due to the fact that it is Election Day today and the polls were set up right outside my classroom door, we talked a lot about the elections. I had given the kids the assignment to go home and ask their parents who they were voting for and one reason why they were voting for them. So the kids came to school today all excited. We talked about how voting works and how everyone has the right to their own opinions - which REALLY is a big deal in first grade because everyone always wants to force their opinion on the other - which usually gets pretty loud and exciting with 6 and 7 year olds.

So they all came this morning with their choice for President in mind because I had told them we were going to have an election today in our class. We started having a discussion and they were sharing their reasons that they had interpreted from their parents or come up with on their own. Who knows what their parents really said, but these are the reasons that I got for why they were voting for their chosen candidate. If you still aren't sure who you are voting for, perhaps some of these arguments will help you make your decision.

The Real Reasons to vote for John McCain according to a first grader:
- "He the greatest man in the world."
- "He won't steal money from people."
- "Obama wants to kill all the babies in the world."
- "He's smarter."
- "Obama is a bad man. Probably the worst in the world." (STRONG OPINION!! I'll hate to break it to this kid tomorrow when Obama probably wins)
- "Obama won't put his hand over his heart. I always put my hand over my heart."

The Real Reasons to vote for Barak Obama according to a first grader:
- "Because he wants to save the polar bears and penguins."
- "John McCain won't let people have guns."
- "Because he's rich."
- "He is tall."
- "Obama is stronger than John McCain."
- "He's just an old man." (The reason he won't vote for McCain)
- "He wants to bring all the soldiers home."

These were just some of the opinions they had. I wish I would have written them down because they were pretty funny. Of course we talked about how they are both good men... but it was interesting to see how passionate some of these kids were for their President. So I set up a little voting booth in my room and had a ballot with both names on it that they could circle their choice. The kids got to come and vote in private and then I gave them a sticker and thanked them for voting. It was awesome because as they were walking over to our little booth they had on the most serious face ever. They really took this seriously. Then they would walk back to their seats and sit there very proud that they had just voted. I loved it! Some of them talked about who they voted and others said they didn't want to talk about it because it was 'private.'

Needless to say, the results came in and if the world were ran by Mrs. Lefler's first grade class the new President would be John McCain. 20 to 6.

And then of course they were chanting their chosen President's name for the rest of the day... They always seems to take it a bit overboard. Haha!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

We had a Halloween party Friday night. We went as Mario and Princess Peach.

We came up with this idea like 2 hours before the party! I'm surprised we pulled it off.

I didn't have my camera at the party... When i get the rest of the photos I will post them. We both LOVE dressing up. I loved Mason in overalls. I made him promise me he would wear them atleast once a year and go out and do yard work. He agreed - but only once a year he says.