Monday, October 13, 2008

What are the odds??

This is a totally random post but I just had to post it. The other day when I left the house apparently I had left the door open for a second... well within those couple seconds two bugs - a spider and a worm decided to try and enter our home. I didn't see them at the time but when I came home from work that night there was a worm AND a spider smashed from me shutting the door. I just thought it was so funny!! What are the odds that I would smash two bugs with one shutting of the door. I mean, the worm I could understand but the spider??? I'm glad I smashed him - it was either then or with a shoe later on.
A close-up of the damage done.

This picture is sick. Doesn't he look like a creepy little pervert - reaching out his leg like that?? Too bad he's smashed - sucker.


Chad Martell & Teresa said...

ooh gross! good job way to get them both at once...i hate spiders with a passion. if i had to choose one i woulda let the worm come on in..only if i had to choose though!

xantogal said...

oh my lands!! we should hire to you squish bugs and spiders at my house :) remember our little friends? yeah, they still try to come in and visit you... they miss you.

Josh said...

Ugh I am afraid of spiders except I pretend I'm not in front of my wife.

Haha, on that dance video I was the 3rd one who danced, I was actually the tallest already, it was in 2000 so I was 17 just before my senior year in high school. Hahaha, funny stuff.... I wish you could see the real video thats not lousy quality! Funny funny

BrettnJana said...

I think they were just going to add to your Halloween decor...too bad, so sad. :0)bwa ha ha

Kayz said...

Nastayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Good on ya for smashing him w/o much effort! I feel like you could be the next Mr. Miagi (I don't know how you spell it, but remember Karate Kid and how he caught the fly with chopsticks? That's you {just replace the fly with a nasty spider and chopsticks with a door}). =) Kali