Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mason's Birthday

I tried to make Mason's birthday as special for him as I could. He is so good because I get so excited about basically every holiday so he's really good to go along with all my major plans - for everthing - including his birthday. I felt bad because I had parent teacher conferences that night until 8 o'clock at school. As it was he didn't get home til WAY late, like 11 because he was looking for a car up in Salt Lake. We are almost settled on one, but it has been an on-going procedure. Anyway... so I knew that I wasn't going to get to spend anytime with him except for in the morning so I got up early and made him a yummy breakfast. I also made him a giant cookie. I figured that he hadn't had a birthday with a cake that was decorated just for him in a while, so I made him a football shaped giant cookie. It turned out really cute!

My class at school absolutely LOVES Mason. When they found out it was his birthday they all wanted to write him cards. Instead of giving him 28 cards I had them all write on this banner. I hung it up for him to see when he got home that night. Some of the drawings were so stinkin cute!
I loved this little Mason.

I liked how we were all included in this picture like a big happy family. Haha. I love my kids!


The Millers said...

Happy Birthday Mason!!!
I love how all of your kids got Mason's curly hair in there...and the one even had his glasses! So sweet :)

xantogal said...

I still have the cards your kids made for me :) and the crown. my favorite. you have the most adorable kids!! i gotta come up and meet them this year.

Chad Martell & Teresa said...

that is the most thoughtful gift ever!!! i just love it so much, he is so lucky to have you. awesome job on the cake too, it looks to pretty to eat!

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