Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cow Herding

I married into a wonderful family. Mason's parents and his extended family are amazing people. I am always impressed by them in so many ways. Mason's grandmother, Elizabeth lives up in Woodland which is a little town east of Park City. She owns all this property and occasionally we will go up there and do work to help her out with the gardens and building fences and stuff. Basically she lives in the place where the whole family will go when the economy crashes and there is no food and the world is falling to pieces. Everything she eats is home grown and home made - which brings me to the writings of this blog. We went up there this morning to help my Aunt Jan who lives with Elizabeth, herd their cattle into a cattle truck. They raise cattle all summer and then slaughter them in the fall so they have a year supply of beef in the freezer all winter long. This is nice for Mason and I because we often get all the leftovers so we are stalked for a while too. Anyway... I had always had the dream of being a country girl and I always love going up to her house because I get to see Mason being a country boy. He's such a hard worker. Well I went up there today partially to help out and partially for the entertainment. Plus I wanted to be able to add 'Herding Cows' onto my list of things that I have done in my life. So we did. It was actually easier than I thought it would be. I thought I was going to have to stand there with my arms out and corral them in - and perhaps be ran over - but the driver of the truck worked it so that all we had to do was block the sides of the fence next to the truck so they couldn't run past us. I got a kick out of the whole ordeal. I did feel bad for the poor little cows though who were completely clueless as to what was coming.

This is the truck they went into. It was just a small trailor. They only have about 12 cows.

This is my AMAZING Aunt Jan who is tougher than most men I know.

Here they go!!


Stephanie Saunders said...

Did you get to slaughter them, too? That would have been doubly awesome! Okay, not really, but at least you'll have lots of beef!

Hilary said...

This cracks me up. Talk about dad has cows and we used to have to do this with horses and 4-wheelers in WOODLAND. The funniest part is that we all agree that Woodland is the place where we will all be caravaning when the economy busts at the seams and we have to live off of Elizabeth Lefler's food storage too! Hopefully she has enough for her (11 kids?? and like 200 grandkids...and the Smoot family as well. :)

Emily said...

Funny to picture you herding cattle. Maybe you can quit school, buy a ranch, and be a cowgirl forever!! -Joking :)