Saturday, September 13, 2008

Utah State Fair

Yes we just had to participate in the Utah State Fair this year... I for one love going to events like this. I think I have about 'faired' Mason out this year, but I love giant massive events where all kinds of people come together and do silly things. I love to watch the people... if I could get away with taking pictures of them all without getting beat up, I would. But I love to just observe because everyone is so unique and consumed in their own little worlds. We had a fun time though!

We love eating the food and hate it because of the way it makes you feel all at the same time. The grilled corn, Mexican burritos, caramel apples, frozen lemonades, corn dogs, popcorn (as mi hermanos are modeling for us in the picture) those greasy fries... yummmm.... Why do I love carni food so much?? I think we outgrew the funnel cake though. The last time we ate that at a carnival Mason went home and threw up... so luckily we have overcome that faze - atleast for now.

So we 'Whacked A Mole.' The man running this booth had the most monotone, unenthuastic voice you can possible imagine. He reminded me somewhat of the teacher on Ferris Buhler. He kept saying, "Whack a mole. Come on, whack a mole. It's so much fun. Come on over. Whack a mole. Whack a mole." It was quit humorous. We were saying, "Whack a mole," for the rest of the night in his same three pitches. Whack a mole.

(just some random guy to prove my point)

I don't know if you have ever seen this new punching bag game. To me it is the most hilarious test of manhood there possibly is. Basically how it works is you have to hit the punching bag as hard as you can and it racks up your score depending on how hard you hit it. I love to just stand and watch at this game because these macho (and not so macho) boys will come and punch this bag as hard as they can and then strut back with their shoulders raised as they wait for their score to tally. And then... if you get two friends together, like last night, it's the never ending battle of who is stronger. The high score on the machine was 906. I think Mason hit a 865 or something close to that. He felt pretty macho. He beat his friend's score. I swooned over him for a while to build his manhood. Then I watched the next macho step/strut up. Why don't girls get thrills out of such things??

But I love the fair. I love the pigs, I love the sugar gliders, I love remembering my days in high school when I thought the fair was the most romantic place on earth, I love the childhood everyone relives. It's a great place to waste a lot of money. Until next year!


Josh said...

Ha! This blog entry is classic Alleeeesonish... you drew such a picture and spelled it out so well, I wish I was home to go to the fair now.... and as far as the food goes... DON'T TEASE ME! Do you have any idea what food on a cruise ship is like? I can't wait not to have the runs anymore! Mmmmm, did I paint a picture for you now?

Misty said...

Seriously so sad we missed the fair this year. Brandon was out of town and I wasn't about to bring all 4 kids by myself. No offense to the Carni's but I would be afraid for my children if I lost one of them. I totally think they could do a reality show on "How I became a Carni."

The Millers said...

Funnel cakes are the only things I like about fairs!!! And the concerts, I guess :)

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