Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tagged for the First Time...

A Place I'd Like To Visit

My Favorite Place

Past Pet

My Age

My Maiden Name

My Bad Habit (when nervous)

The Town I Was Born In

My Favorite Color

My Favorite Animal

My Favorite Food

My Favorite Object

My First Name

My Best Friend's Nickname

A Past Lover

The Town I Live In

What I'm Doing Now

My College Degree

My First Job

My Middle Name

Ok! Now I tag: Josh, Kara, Tanya. Enjoy guys!!


Josh said...

Ahh, so I see I've also been tagged... whadda coweenike dink! You can bet I'll be on that as soon as I can... internet access out here is random! Especially a wifi signal good enough to find pictures and put them up! But its comin! THANKS FOR TAGGING ME

The Stanford Bunch said...

this was such a cute post! loved it with the pix!

Misty said...

Wow- That was awesome. I'm impressed. FYI, my first job was Dairy Queen too. LOVE the blizzards. I thought their hamburgers were delicious as well. Oh to eat whatever you want again.

Anonymous said...

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