Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fainting Goats

This has made me laugh harder than anything has in a long time.

I want one just so I can concoct different ways to scare it.


xantogal said...

That is really funny! I can't see it while I'm at work, but since I saw it last night I know what it's about :)

The Millers said...

Hahahahahahahahaaaa! Matt and I want some of those!

Michael and Lindsay Condie said...

Hey Allison... Stacey gave me your blog and showed me that goat thing, sooooo hilarious!

Kevin and Amy said...

Hey Allison,
I found your blog! I read all about your trip to Africa--which I meant to ask you about the other night. I guess that means you'll have to come over again so you can tell me about it.

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