Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Carless - not careless

Mason's car decided to die the other day. Luckily he wasn't in it and it happened over night. So now we are down to one car. Here I sit at the school waiting until he gets off work and stops by to pick me up. That should be around 5:45 or 6:00. Kinda lame. But my intentions are good. I plan on getting caught up with my class and really being on top of things. But it's not exactly how I would like to spend my afternoons. I have been looking on Craigslist and such, but I just don't trust anyone. I don't trust independant sellers because I am afraid they are lying to me and the car really is a piece. And I don't trust the used car dealerships because I feel like they only want to get as much money out of me as they can. Boo... Anyone know anyone selling a car? All I want is to find some little old lady who only drove her car to the grocery store and back to sell me her car for dirt cheap. Is that so unreasonable? I suppose so.


Clayton & Niki said...

Hey! :) We bought our jeep off of Craigslist a few months ago and we love it. We got pretty lucky though because we didn't even really check out the engine or anything, we just test drove it a couple times and called it good. Probably not the smartest thing. I would say Craigslist is a good place because you'll be able to get the best deal. But you should DEFINATELY take it by a mechanic to have it all checked out before making any deals. That way you get the best of both worlds:
A screaming deal and a dependable car! :)

Kimberly said...

I've heard of people finding used cars that were barely used at dealerships and online. I'm with you, though...I don't trust people enough! (This is Kim (Hunt) Mays, btw. Stephanie introduced me to your blog)

Josh said...

Craigslist isn't a bad place.... just be careful. If the seller has a problem with you being careful, then don't help them sell their car. Ask them if you can take it for a test drive to a dealer/mechanic (which most will do free) to see if it will pass inspections or if it has any problems. Most seller's will not have a problem with that, if they do, they're prolly BS'n ya. I've bought 3 cars on eBay/Craigslist, you just tell them exactly what you want. "I wanna buy a car, this seems like a good deal, but I need to take it into a mechanic to make sure its all good!" Its all easy from there... Good luck!

PS - Look into CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) cars if you REALLY wanna save some money! CNG Fuel is less than $1.00 a gallon!