Sunday, August 10, 2008

Africa II

There was a dentist who came with us. He had a whole dental clinic set up that we worked in the days that we weren't working in the schools. I got to do the whole dental assistant thing which I am COMPLETELY unqualified to do. I held down the patients, (because they didn't have chairs - of course) I handed tools, assisted pulling teeth, held in a filling... needless to say if I ever get tired of teaching I certainly have a backup career now. The thing is, is that I am quite the queasy type. I usually can't handle any type of blood or needles... but I had to overcome that very quickly as numbing needles came out. Indeed I did have a tooth fall on me - twice. Now who can say they have had that happen?? It was quite a learning experience for me. I really came to appreciate 1)my career, 2)our wonderful dentists who have patience and kindness, and 3) being raised having healthy teeth. I have never seen so many rotten teeth on young children or adults before.

Here I am holding a filling...
Bizarre - I know.

When the dentist was working on someone else we would entertain the kids and sometimes adults because they would become so nervous as the sounds of a dentist office would arise. Crazy huh!!

Another day we went to an orphanage to paint. I tried to take a before and after picture. We came in and painted while the orphans were at school. We didn't get to see their reactions but the owner was so excited. At one point I was painting a window frame and I was singing a song because thats what I do when I am working. Anyway so I was alone in the room singing to myself and I look out the window which is set on a small hill and see a little group of children watching me. They all started laughing but I kept going. They didn't speak English so we couldn't communicate, but I would sing and then point to them and they would try to repeat... I loved it.


- look he's holding a toothbrush!!


Still more to come!!


Katy & James said...

You are AMAZING!! I am living through your trip until I can go on my PS i need your address to send you an invite. You are so tan as haha hope life after africa is treating you well:)

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